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Wolves Up! Howler Run open to the community; support grows for ASU ROTC

(Source: ASU ROTC) (Source: ASU ROTC)
(Source: ASU ROTC) (Source: ASU ROTC)
(Source: ASU ROTC) (Source: ASU ROTC)
(Source: ASU ROTC) (Source: ASU ROTC)

The Arkansas State Red Wolf Battalion has issued a challenge to Region 8, in the form of a fundraising obstacle run in its third year of operation.

“It’s a light to moderate challenge,” Major Brian Mason said. “Anyone can handle this type of obstacle. Last year, we had pre-teen folks competing.  We even had folks in their 50’s and 60’s competing. It’s a challenge, but you can hack it.”

The event happens on Saturday, Sept. 26, with the first team out at 1300 hours, or 1 p.m. Race entry forms are available at: www.astate.edu/a/military-science/howler-race.

“We’ve got hay bale walls. We’ve got rope climb. We’ve got net climb. We’ve got a little crawl through the mud,” Mason said.  “But, we’ll clean you up afterward. Each year we’ve got something new. This year, the National Guard is supplying us with an 80-foot long blow-up obstacle. There’s a whole lot of things that you and your team are going to have to figure out how to get through.”

The obstacle race starts at the A-State Military Science Building.

“We’ve got junior ROTC programs coming to participate. We’ve got some of the cross-fitters in the area fielding a few teams,” Mason said. “We want to reach out to other people in the community to come help support us.”

Cost of entry is $25 per person. A group of 5 is $100.

With the ROTC program’s fate in jeopardy just a few years ago on the A-State campus, there appears to be growing interest in the program.

“I think we are in fantastic shape right now,” Mason said. “We’ve got a great group of cadets out there. Folks are coming in the door all the time and looking to see what ROTC has to offer. We’ve been a program since 1936 producing some fantastic officers for the Army, the Guard and the Reserve. And, I am confident that we will be doing that for a long time.” 

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