Whatever Happened To...?

February 28, 2005 -- Posted at 5:45 p.m. CST

JONESBORO -- Throughout the month of February we have been answering the questions viewers in Region 8 are asking.

This week--updates on potential jobs in our area, and a follow up to a national story that touched one Region 8 city.

Our first question-- what is the status of the Hargon family murder investigation and/or trial?

Michael and Rebecca Hargon and their young son, all originally from Poplar Bluff, disappeared on Valentines Day of 2004.

They were living in Yazoo County, Mississippi.

Two weeks after the disappearance-- their bodies were found near the home of their cousin Earnest Hargon in Mississippi--he was later charged in their murder.

According to the district attorney's office, his trail is set to begin on November 28, of this year.

Jurors will be selected from Marshall County, Mississippi, and taken to Yazoo County.

Hargon is currently being held in a cell by himself in Madison County, Mississippi.

No one else has been charged in this crime.

What about the plans for new power plants in Region 8?

Due to a sluggish economy, the completion of the TeaCo power plant near Dell was put on hold.

As of now--the project is still on hold.

The building is near completion.

There are some employees, but no word yet when the plant will completely open.

As for a power plant in Osceola--officials say LS power does have an air permit to build on the land.

The air permit is among the most critical.

General Manager Ron Bowen says Jonesboro CWL is seriously working with LS power, and other prospective co-owners, to get this project off the ground.