Newport honors Coach Bill Keedy before memorial service

Newport honors Coach Bill Keedy before memorial service

NEWPORT, AR (KAIT) - To honor Coach Bill Keedy, Newport Mayor David Stewart asked for flags to be flown at half-staff on Wednesday before his memorial service.

Mayor Stewart said the idea was suggested to him by a friend of Keedy.

He agreed to the idea to honor a man who touched the lives of so many students and people in the Newport community.

Herbert Lewis is the assistant principal at Newport High School but before he received that position, he was an assistant coach at Newport.

Lewis said he met Coach Keedy in 1977 as he left college looking for a job.

Keedy offered him the position at Newport and that's where he has been since.

Lewis said he remembered feeling very comfortable around Keedy as they talked in the bleachers after the interview.

He explained Keedy was just that type of guy who could make a stranger feel at home.

In all the years Lewis coached with Keedy, he remembered 1 aspect of the coach side of Keedy.

"He was always fair," Lewis said. "He treated every kid the same and always played the best player. It didn't't matter who you were or what you were or whatever, he played the best player in that position that we were looking for at the time."

Lewis said he didn't know how to react when he first heard the news of Keedy's passing.

The only way he was able to describe it was it was like the bottom fell out.

The memorial service for Keedy is scheduled for 6 pm Wednesday night at the Newport High School football field.

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