Uncover Heart Disease-NEA Clinic Heart Team

Do you have heart disease?

Every year more than 1.5 million Americans suffer heart attacks. A half a million die. That number continues to grow and it includes women as often as men. Most victims never see it coming. They have no symptoms. No chest pain. No numbness in the left arm...no suspicion that the "silent killer" is at work until it's too late. The problem is calcified plaque....it's a killer. Americans are faced with the fact that it affects one out of every two of us.

Heart Scan, from NEA Clinic, can uncover heart disease in less than seven minutes, and possibly years before you have a symptom. It's completely noninvasive. That means pain-free. There are no needles, no dyes, no injections, and no exercise. That means it's risk free. The test itself is 100% comfortable and convenient. You don't even remove your clothes

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A Limited number of women may receive this innovative Heart Scan for only $250.00 (Regular Rate: $375.00