Son of Coach Bill Keedy shares his thanks and memories

Son of Coach Bill Keedy shares his thanks and memories

NEWPORT, AR (KAIT) - Billy Keedy, the son of Coach Bill Keedy, extended his thanks Wednesday to everyone who has honored his father in one way or another.

Keedy said he's lost count of how many people have approached him or messaged him about his father. He couldn't believe how many people his father influenced throughout his life.

He said his father's passing came as shock to everyone. Just 24 hours before his dad died, Keedy received a photo of his father acting like his normal self.

Keedy said one of the memories that stood out to him the most about his dad was when he was younger.

As a St. Louis Cardinals fan, he was devastated one night when his mom told him to go to bed instead of listen to the game.

"I remember him walking him in there with a radio, plugging it in and just kinda giving me a shh," Keedy said. "Like don't say anything, we don't want mom to know. Which growing up now, being an adult, I know that she knew, but he played it off like your momma doesn't need to know this."

Keedy said looking at it now, he was happy to share his dad with so many people.

To honor Coach Keedy, Newport Mayor David Stewart asked flags be flown at half-staff.

A memorial service was also held for him Wednesday night at the Newport High School football field.

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