Leachville police department in fear for officers without updated radio system

Leachville police department in fear for officers without updated radio system

LEACHVILLE, AR (KAIT) - The Leachville police department is in fear of their officers' lives because their radio system is not as updated as surrounding departments.

According to Leachville Chief of Police Steve Landcaster, two months ago the Mississippi County Sheriff's Office upgraded their radio system along with other nearby departments.

The upgrade left the Leachville PD in a bind.

Their current analog system, which they have had for 15 years, has worked great, but without being able to communicate with other departments, it puts the officers' lives in danger.

Landcaster said an officer involved shooting happened recently, which left the officer calling for help.

The sheriff's department could not understand the officer over the radio.

Landcaster said moments like that prove to him that a change needs to be made soon.

Officers are patrolling all hours of the night and when they yell for help there's no one on the other end to listen,” Landcaster said. “We can't speak with the Sheriff's department, so it's time to upgrade and update our radio system.”

Lancaster said the new system would be compatible with all other departments. It will cost about $80,000 to cover the entire city.

They are looking into different finance options and other funding.

A special meeting is being held Monday, Oct. 5 to see what financial route would be best to take.

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