Bytheville Police Department hopes tax proposal will pass

Bytheville Police Department hopes tax proposal will pass

BLYTHEVILLE, AR (KAIT) - The Blytheville Police Department is hoping the 1 percent city sales tax proposal will pass, so they can relocate.

Captain Scott Adams said their building they are in is very old with major upkeep problems.

The current facility's condition is very poor. It has mold in some places and the ceiling leaks.

Adams said he has been with the department 21 years and they have needed a new building since then.

The sales tax could help with the cost of relocating to the newer facility, which was donated by the old armory in Blytheville.

"This building, the air conditioners are going down every year," Adams said. "We're putting money left and right into it, and there are walls that are collapsing. Our whole jail area, our old jail area on the other side of the building, the roof is falling in."

The new location is located across the street from a school, which could help with safety matters.

If the tax proposal does not pass, it will be another waiting game before they can relocate to the new facility.

Overall, Adams said the 1 percent tax, if passed, would not only benefit them but the whole community.

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