Southside junior high welcomes EAST program

Southside junior high welcomes EAST program

SOUTHSIDE, AR (KAIT) - The Southside School District recently received a grant to implement a hands on project learning program at the junior high.

The school won a $100,000 grant from the Arkansas Department of Education for the Environmental and Spatial Technology Program (EAST).

Southside High School has offered EAST for many years now and the school thought it was time junior high students had the opportunity as well.

EAST program facilitator Jason Weaver said starting the students in the program earlier will be a benefit.

"If seventh and eighth graders are learning things that eleventh and twelfth graders know then they are already going to be past that point," Weaver said. "We are going to hopefully see some real high end projects and some real neat, big time projects as these kids get older."

Junior high principal George Sitkowski said the program will help teach kids communication and hands on skills for the real world.

Junior high students in the program helped set up the EAST programming classroom and have already started working on projects.

Weaver said EAST also helps the community because some of the projects are community based to get the students working with others.

The school also committed $25,000 to the junior high program, which Sitkowski  said helped get the school the grant.

He said it shows the school is committed to teaching students through a hands on program like EAST.

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