Dispatchers urge residents to sign up for Smart 911

Dispatchers urge residents to sign up for Smart 911

INDEPENDENCE COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - Independence County Emergency Management are encouraging everyone to sign up for Smart 911, especially after a false 911 call made at a Batesville school.

Smart 911 is an online program that provides information to dispatchers about the person calling in.

The program is free to sign up and people can provide as much information as they want.

Independence County Emergency Management Director Glen Willis said Smart 911 allows dispatchers to tell responders what kind of scene they are going to before they even arrive.

He said important information like allergies or previous injuries could help responders best help those in need.

The program allows dispatchers to pinpoint a cellphone call location and even talk with a person through a chat system if they cannot talk on the phone.

Earlier in September, a Batesville student accidentally dialed 911 while on campus and sent the school into lock down.

Willis said if the student had a Smart 911 profile, responders may have been able to defuse the situation faster.

"If he had had the smart 911 profile set up his information would have popped up, and we would have known his name his address and most likely by then could have figured out he was a student," Willis said,

Willis said emergency responders and school officials handled the situation correctly though.

He said Smart 911 is a benefit to everyone and encourages all residents to sign up.

People can sign up online or if they do not want to input the information they can simply fill out a form at the emergency management office and dispatchers will enter it in.

Users will also receive an alert every six months to update your profile in case important information changed.

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