Microchip credit cards provide more security against fraud

(KAIT) - A new fraud fighter is coming  in a form of a microchip credit card and you could see one arrive in your mailbox soon.

EMV stands for Europay, MasterCard and Visa.

The EMV is the standard for this microchip card.

All United States debit and credit cards will be eventually replaced with the new EMV.

There are 8 million merchants in the U.S and each of them will be installing the chip reader, which will change your usual swipe to an insert.

Jason Oxman with Electronic Transactions Association described the security this type of card is capable of.

"The new chip cards generate a unique or dynamic security code with each transaction," Oxman said. " What that means is every time you use your card that chip that's embedded in the card is going to generate a new security code that will not be repeated again when you use that card the next time."

The magnet strip cards that you use now are easier for criminals to copy and make counterfeit cards of because the security is the same for each transaction.

But experts want to remind people that this won't stop someone from stealing your new card.

A thief will still try to use it in store and also use stolen card numbers online.

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