Independence County Library owes county rent money

Independence County Library owes county rent money

INDEPENDENCE COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - Independence County charges rent for the Independence County Library.

The Independence County Library is currently located in the old historic county courthouse on Main Street.

According to County Judge Robert Griffin, the building needs repairs due to some water saturation.

Griffin said the rent would help cover the repair charges without having to raise taxes for the county.

"We run a tight ship and we don't have access funds and we do not really want to see any increase in taxes so in doing that we are trying to find funds that are appropriate and ones that are available," Griffin told Region 8 News.

The library board is also looking into relocating the library altogether.

The board has looked at several different locations but has not found a suitable one yet.

Griffin said he hopes to bring in another library board appointee during the next quorum court meeting.

"They all recognize the need for more space, the discussion is more about where does it move and we are setting up for them to review another vacant building this week, so hopefully we can find movement there." Griffin said. "But that is strictly the library board's domain and not mine."

For now, the library has not paid the rent charges. However, the charges aren't due until the end of the year.

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