A Better Region 8: JPS and Habitat for Humanity

A Better Region 8: JPS and Habitat for Humanity

Recently, we covered a groundbreaking event between Habitat of Humanity and the Jonesboro Public School System.

All 12 campuses of Jonesboro Public schools are raising money to repair a home near the Micro Society Magnet School on West Monroe. Superintendent Dr. Kim Wilbanks said once it's complete they plan to work with Habitat for Humanity to give the house to a deserving family in the JPS District.

Bravo to Dr. Wilbanks and the teachers taking part in this. There is no better education than the district showing its students in real life, how to care and look out for one of their own.

In today's world of judging schools and teachers on how they did on a test, the Jonesboro school system is showing their students how they should truly be judged.

What are you doing to help your fellow students?  What are you doing to truly change the world?

They're not just teaching it, they're putting boots to the ground, raising money, and having students and parents take part in the fundraising effort to change someone's life.

The school system has fundraisers planned out for the rest of the year, and we've provided a link on our website, and news app to help.

Showing students real life ways to make a difference, to care, and to change someone's life – makes this A Better Region 8.

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