Police Make An Arrest In A 5 Year Old Murder Investigation

March 02, 2005 -- Posted at 10:45 p.m. CST

Harrisburg, AR -- Shannon Petty Lamberth was taken into custody by Poinsett County authorites on Wednesday morning.

She is charged with murdering 33 year old Randy Rogers.

On June 29th, 1999, police got a call about a man found dead in a mobile home in Poinsett County.

An autopsy ruled the cause of death was a homicide.

That is when the investigation into the death of Randy Rogers began.

Since Rogers' death in 1999, Poinsett County Sheriff Larry Mills and other deputies, along with the Arkansas State Police have actively been questioning witnesses.

Mills says they have followed up on each and every lead they've received over the years.

"You'll have individuals who will hear something and they will repeat it--it's kind of like the rumor mill in high school, but you chase these down anyway. Any unsolved homicide or missing person in Poinsett County will remain open until it's solved," said Sheriff Mills.

Shannon Petty Lamberth is being held on 25,000 dollars bond.

Currently, there are three unsolved homicide cases in Poinsett County.