Home burglary call ends with man facing drug charges

Home burglary call ends with man facing drug charges

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A Jonesboro man was arrested on drug charges after police were called about a possible home burglary at his house Thursday night.

Officer Paul Williams with the Jonesboro Police Department was dispatched to the 3800-block of Harrisburg Road around 11:45 p.m.

A neighbor had called and said there was a possible burglary at a house in the area.

When police arrived, James Miller, 25, said two men had come into his house, but he didn't know if they were still inside.

When Williams and another officer went inside to check, they saw one knife sitting on a table near the door and another sitting on top of disheveled couch cushions.

While in the bathroom, Officer Williams saw a "loaded" syringe lying on the floor and a knife on the counter, according to the police report.

More used syringes were found lying on the bed in the only bedroom.

Nobody was found inside the house.

Officer Williams said Miller's behavior was more "hyperactive than nervous or afraid" when asked to give a description of the men.

According to the report, Miller was sweating heavily, his face was red and his pupils were "oddly dilated without any variation of light."

Miller told police he was worried about having officers at his house since he was on probation.

When asked about drug use, he said he had been through rehab previously and had been clean for 15 years.

Office Williams stated in the report that he found this odd due to Miller's age.

Miller later admitted to using cocaine earlier in the day.

Police asked for a description of the robbery suspects. Miller said they were both tall, skinny and bald. He said one was not wearing a shirt, but he didn't say what race or ethnicity the men were.

A K9 officer was brought to the scene to attempt a track, but couldn't pick up the scent of anyone leading away from the house.

During a second search of the house, three more syringes and a spoon with cocaine on it were found in the bottom cabinet of the sink.

EMT's from Medic One advised police that Miller didn't need to go to the hospital, so he was taken to the Craighead County Detention Center.

While being taken to the detention center, Miller told Officer Heath Loggains that he had taken Xanax to help calm him down after he used too much cocaine.

He also said he gave up his apartment to his drug dealer's girlfriend and had given her a key for the drugs he had gotten.

Miller is charged with felonies for possession of meth or cocaine less than 2 grams and possession of drug paraphernalia.

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