78-year-old man rides bike with neighborhood kids

78-year-old man rides bike with neighborhood kids

BROOKLAND, AR (KAIT) - Sherman Waters got back on a bike Monday to remind his young neighbors you are never too old to have fun.

Waters is 78 years old and has not ridden a bike in almost 40 years.

Waters said he was not sure if he would be able to ride, but wanted to give it a try.

"I got on it and wobbled around out there for a while and finally got the confidence to make the circle," Waters said.

He rode around the neighborhood with Kendra Winston's children, who play at the Waters' home regularly.

The Winston children even rode with Waters on the bike pegs.

"I told Gabe you better grab back ahold of me or we will get off balance, but we made it back up to the house without falling," Waters said.

Winston said her kids enjoy spending time with the Waters and they are like the grandparents next door.

"They definitely think he and Mrs. Nettie hung the moon," Winston said. "They come here every day. I don't have to come with them and they will come and sit for hours."

The Waters said they also enjoy having the Winston kids visit since their great-grandchildren live far away.

Kids in the neighborhood also call Nettie Waters the ice cream or Popsicle lady.

Both the Waters and the Winstons say they love living in such a close and loving neighborhood.

The Winston children help keep the Waters young and the Waters remind the kids life can be fun no matter how old you are.

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