Craighead County towns hash out issues regarding e-tickets

Craighead County towns hash out issues regarding e-tickets

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Representatives from each Craighead County town met Tuesday afternoon to hash out issues regarding electronic tickets written by Arkansas State Police Troopers.

"Some of us gained and some of us lost and that was a way of sharing the burden, I guess you could say, that e-tickets brought about," assistant to Craighead County judge Tony Thomas said.

For more than a year now, some Craighead County municipalities have stopped receiving monies associated with tickets written by Arkansas State Police.

According to Thomas, prior to 2014, state troopers had the discretion of which towns they let process their tickets.

"It occurred," Thomas said. "Prior to e-tickets, it occurred. It wasn't that e-tickets changed the process. E-tickets changed who received the tickets."

Thomas explained that some towns received revenues from tickets written by state police, regardless of where those tickets were issued.

"If Bay received all the tickets from one trooper, regardless of where they were written, Bay processed the tickets and Bay received the revenue," Thomas said.

When Arkansas State Police began writing e-tickets in 2014 though, that changed.

As a result, some towns have lost that source of revenue.

However, Thomas said other towns, who never received that money to begin with, will now have a chance to get those revenues.

An agreement on the table now should ensure equality in the expenses and revenues associated with fines from those tickets.

"The county has all the revenue to begin with anyway," Thomas explained. "At the end of each month, we send out the revenue associated with the fines that each city would receive. The county will withhold about 5% of that total revenue then send out the 95% to the corresponding community."

The county will now work on drafting up a written agreement.

Each city will have to take the issue before their respective city council.

However, the county and cities stated Tuesday that they hope to have the agreement final by the start of 2016.

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