Black Rock restaurant sees more business after bridge opening

Black Rock restaurant sees more business after bridge opening

BLACK ROCK, AR (KAIT) - The opening of a better bridge brought about better business for a café in Black Rock.

Renee Lawrence owns Renee's Café in Black Rock. It's located right past the bridge as you're heading into town.

Lawrence told Region 8 News that when the state first lowered the weight limit on the old bridge, their business took a hit.

Lawrence explained that it wasn't until construction began on the new bridge that things took a positive turn.

After the bridge officially opened, Lawrence said they saw more customers than ever before.

"I think it's actually gotten a little better. Like this last weekend, there is a bigger way to turn in mostly," Lawrence said. "We had like 8 travel trailers out there in the parking lot. That didn't happen. That just makes a difference."

Lawrence said when the bridge first saw the change, she was worried more about the local gravel companies.

She said this new bridge helped get Black Rock back to what it used to be.

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