Westminster Village wants street closed after break-ins

Westminster Village wants street closed after break-ins

BLYTHEVILLE, AR (KAIT) - Westminster Village of the Mid-South wants to close a street after a string of break-ins through the community.

Westminster Village is an adult active community in Blytheville.

The main entrance to the village is on Memorial Street, but there is a separate entrance on North Seventh Street where the Gosnell and Blytheville city limits meet.

Executive Director Linda O'Guinn went to a Gosnell city council meeting to request the road closure.

Currently there are signs saying "no thru traffic" and "Westminster Village residents only," but O'Guinn says people do not obey the signs.

She said many drivers use the back street to bypass the highway, especially during Gosnell school traffic.

Over the past few months, some Westminster residents have experienced several break-ins.

“They're breaking in to their homes, grabbing TVs, laptops and going away. Thank goodness no one has been hurt,” O’Guinn said.

According to O’Guinn, the thieves flee the community through the north entrance.

She said closing this street would help keep the residents safe and their homes secure.

The Gosnell city council members said they did not want to close the street for safety reasons.

Mayor Don Marshall told Region 8 News the council is considering adding a gate at the entrance as a compromise.

The gate would be open during the day and closed at night to keep non-residents out of the community.

Marshall said Mayor James Sanders of Blytheville agreed with adding a gate instead of closing the street.

O'Guinn said the gate is a good solution to the issue.

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