Suspicious Package, Possible Bomb in Manila

March 3, 2005--Posted at 11:45 p.m. CST, updated at 8:08 a.m. on 3/4/05

MANILA, AR-- The state bomb squad was called to Mississippi County last night to investigate a suspicious package at City Hall in Manila.  According to police, a woman brought a package to the courthouse around 7:30 Thursday night, that she believed contained a white powder.  An officer opened the 18" x 18" package and said it looked like a bomb to him.  At that point police evacuated City Hall and the three blocks surrounding the building, and called the state bomb squad.

At approximately 7:45 this morning, a spokesman with the Manila Police Department confirmed for K8 News that the bomb squad had arrived and invesigated the package, but he would not reveal their findings, referring any further questions to Manila Police Chief Jackie Hill.  Hill has not been available for comment as of yet this morning.