Lawrence County JP advises driver safety on Highway 25

Lawrence County JP advises driver safety on Highway 25

LAWRENCE COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - With America Silica Sand coming to Black Rock, a Lawrence County Justice of the Peace is concerned about the safety of drivers in the area.

Lloyd Clark said he supported the new facility and the jobs it would bring to the county.

He said the state required drivers of the heavy trucks to take Highway 25 to get into and leave Black Rock.

Clark said that route was too curvy and dangerous for truck drivers.

He has seen many different accidents on that road before with the earliest happening a few weeks ago.

Clark explained a truck carrying chicken litter tipped over, dumping its cargo in a person's front yard.

They advised all drivers taking the route against getting in a hurry to reach their destination.

"Just slow down, take the curves slowly, watch for traffic, stay in your lane," Clark said. "Some of the trucks, because this is a narrow road, take the curves on the inside. I've been forced off the road and others have too. So we just need to be very careful as we grow and prosper here."

Clark would like to see the truck drivers take Highway 117, which he believes is safer.

The trucks are unable to take that road because the current condition could not support the traffic.

Clark asked the county and state to help during this time to keep drivers and the roads in check.

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