Main Street Hardy businesses want speeding to stop

Main Street Hardy businesses want speeding to stop

HARDY, AR (KAIT) - Hardy Main Street business owners ask for lower speed limits.

Speed limits through the city have been a hot topic at the last few city council meetings.

Some business owners want to see the speed limit lowered from the current 30 miles per hour through Main Street.

"We would like to see the speed limit dropped to 25 miles per hour, as it is in lots of tourist towns and once we do that we will have a safer place," said Marc Herring, the owner of Ozark Classic Crafts Mall.

Herring said he sees too many cars speed through town and is concerned a shopper will be hit one day.

Mayor Nina Thornton said the city is currently using radars to see if cars are actually speeding through town.

She also put in a request to the Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department to do a survey on the area.

She told Region 8 News since it is a state highway that runs through Main Street, the state is the one who decides if the limit can be dropped or not.

Herring said the state police that patrol the area do a good job stopping people from speeding, but he also does not want it to be a speed trap zone people avoid. This is why he thinks lowering the limit all together would be a good solution.

The city is waiting to hear back from the state on their request.

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