Store clerk in Batesville fakes robbery

Store clerk in Batesville fakes robbery

BATESVILLE, AR (KAIT) - A store clerk is behind bars after faking a robbery at a store in Batesville.

Roshae K. Roberts faces charges of filing a false report with law enforcement.

On October 15, Batesville police responded to a complaint of armed robbery at Tobacco Warehouse #7 on Harrison Street.

Roberts told police she was about to close the store when a man came in and walked up to her behind the counter.

According to Roberts, she said the suspect told her to get out of the way and he took cash from under the counter and out of the register.

Witnesses said they saw a white Cadillac with no license plate leaving the scene at the time of the reported robbery.

Police later discovered Roberts and her boyfriend Jacob Albert own a vehicle matching the description of the getaway car. That is when her story started to unravel.

Upon further investigation, police discovered the cash registers have an internal log of exactly when they are opened. They found this cash register was not opened at the time Roberts said she was robbed.

Police took Roberts in for questioning, at which time they asked if police could go through her cellphone.

Roberts agreed and police found several text messages between Albert and Roberts discussing their plan to rob the store.

Albert was later brought in for questioning and he blamed the incident on a friend, Damon White. Albert told police he did pick White up from the store after the robbery and that the text messages between him and Roberts were just a joke.

On Tuesday, police brought in White to hear his side of the story. White said he did know Albert and Roberts planned a fake robbery, but that he had no part in the actual incident.

Investigators tried several different ways to open the cash register without the internal log going off and found it impossible. They also spoke with three different managers, all whom said the register would have logged the opening if someone did rob it.

Batesville Police filed charges against Roberts after determining she has faked the entire report.

Independence County Judge Chaney Taylor set Roberts bond at $30,000.

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