Report: Suspects say "thank you" to woman they robbed

Report: Suspects say "thank you" to woman they robbed
(Source: KAIT)

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A Jonesboro woman reported to police that two polite pilferers took gifts she bought.

The woman said the incident happened in the parking lot of her apartment complex in the 1900-block of Links Circle on Thursday, according to a Jonesboro police report.

As the woman went to get gifts she bought the night before from the trunk of her car, she told police two male suspects walked up behind her dressed in black hoodies.

One held "something to the back of her neck and demanded she not move." Meanwhile, the other suspect grabbed bags from the trunk and took items from the front of her car including a driver's license and credit card.

After the theft the suspects told the woman "thank you" and walked away, according to the police report.

The victim was not able to give a full description of the suspects but said they were both African American and at least 5-foot-10-inches tall. One suspect was "slender" while the other was slightly bigger.

Police asked the woman if she thought the men had touched her car so investigators could pull fingerprints or other evidence. She said she thought the men were wearing gloves.

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