Jonesboro Property Maintenance Code forwarded on to full city council

Jonesboro Property Maintenance Code forwarded on to full city council

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The proposed Jonesboro Property Maintenance Code will go before the Jonesboro City Council in November.

However, the soonest a decision could be made on the code will still be six weeks from now.

That did not stop a large number of people from showing up to a Public Safety Committee Meeting Tuesday night though.

The committee met Tuesday to discuss whether or not to let the full council vote on the proposed property maintenance code.

Before a decision was reached, committee members heard from both sides of the issue.

One group has been working online and on the ground to get support for the code.

Teresa Beck serves as the Facebook page moderator for Jonesboro Citizens for Urban Revitalization, or J-CuRE.
Beck said their goal is to address misconceptions about the code.

"You want the facts to be out there. You don't want to scare people because it's really to benefit the city," Beck said. "We have a lot of dilapidated properties out there and there is really nothing that the city can do between mowing your grass and tearing it down. There's not a middle ground."

Beck, who also served on the Jonesboro Property Maintenance Code Committee, said as a homeowner in Jonesboro, having the code is important to her.

"I live in an older section of town," Beck said. "Though my house is newer, I'm surrounded by owner-occupied, renter-occupied. I love my neighbors but we will have, eventually, some maintenance problems in that vicinity and I want to see them addressed."
Many of those who spoke up against the Jonesboro Property Maintenance Code told Public Safety Committee members that they thought the idea of having a code was good but they felt that parts of the code were extreme.

In the end, the committee voted 3-1 to forward the issue onto the full council. Councilman Todd Burton voted no.

The next city council meeting takes place November 3. Committee members did state that the code will be held to three readings before council members make a decision on it.

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