Emergency responders participate in hazmat drill

Emergency responders participate in hazmat drill

GREENE COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - The Paragould fire and police departments teamed up with Arkansas Methodist Medical Center and Paragould Light Water and Cable Wednesday for a hazmat drill.

It was to train the fire department and PLWC on how to respond if there was ever a chlorine leak.

PLWC uses chlorine to treat the water supply in the city but Robert Ring, supervisor of PLWC said he wants to make sure it doesn't put the community in danger.

"It could be fatal," Ring said. "It's going to stay in the low lying areas and it would have to travel a pretty good distance to do damage, but it could be bad."

The drill was designed to simulate if there was a leak in one of the chlorine tanks after a delivery.

Members of the Paragould Fire Department had to get dressed in a sealed hazmat suit equipped with an oxygen tank and work under a tight time frame to stop the chlorine leak.

As the first crew was about to run out of oxygen, they stopped and went to the area designated for decontamination as another crew suited up to take a stab at stopping the leak.

It only took two crews from the fire department to stop the simulated leak.

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