A Better Region 8: Appropriate kids' costumes this Halloween

A Better Region 8: Appropriate kids' costumes this Halloween

Halloween is upon us.  For many, it's a chance to dress up and be somebody else for a while.

When I was a kid, we went as ghosts, or our favorite Star Wars Character or something that was totally scary form another world. These costumes still have a place in Halloween today.

But what doesn't have a place in Halloween are costumes that force our children to be too mature too fast.  These days it seems like more children's Halloween costumes are making young girls dress in an adult way and the parents are the ones who are buying them.

There's even a double standard sending the wrong message to our girls and our boys. This boy's police costume has all the elements one would expect.

But this girl's police costume, doesn't belong on someone so young. It's more like what someone over 18 would wear.

Halloween costumes like these are not empowering to our girls.  What they do is force them to mature too fast.

When our kids are adults, they can wear what they want. In the meantime let's watch what they wear for Halloween and make sure we are sending the right message about their self-esteem and how people see them.

So, be a responsible parent.  Before you take your kids trick-or-treating, take a closer look at what they're wearing and ask yourself... "Is my child's costume appropriate for their age?"

Letting kids enjoy Halloween as kids and dressing them appropriately makes this A Better Region 8.

- Chris Conroy, KAIT VP & General Manager

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