AHTD: Traffic lights at busy Trumann intersections need upgrades

AHTD: Traffic lights at busy Trumann intersections need upgrades

TRUMANN, AR (KAIT) - Traffic lights at some of the busiest intersections in Trumann are in need of a major upgrade.

Mayor Barbara Lewallen said she noticed some issues with the three major stoplights in Trumann this summer.

In June, Lewallen sent a letter to the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department asking for a survey on the lights.

According to Lewallen, the light at the intersection of Highway 493 and Highway 69 is one of the oldest in town.

AHTD went to Trumann in July to conduct the survey. By October, they reported their results, stating that the intersection at Highways 493 and 69 is in need of upgrades for the lights to work properly.

AHTD stated that the other two intersections have some looping problems as well.

Lewallen said now that the state acknowledges the lights need replacing, the city can apply for funding to help pay for the construction.

Lewallen told Region 8 News that the city does not have money in the budget to pay for the expensive project.

"We are hoping that we will qualify for funding because lights are very expensive, and for small communities, it is too big an expense for us to just fund in our budget," Lewallen said. "So I am anxiously waiting to hear from them."

Until the upgrades happen, the mayor asks drivers to be cautious when going through lights as several accidents have occurred already in this heavily traveled area.

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