Trumann woman chosen as first Gr8 Acts of Kindness recipient

GR8 Acts of Kindness: Connie Carter

TRUMANN, AR (KAIT) - Connie Carter never dreamed she would one day be in the same position as many of the patients she helps as a personal care aide worker. The Trumann native fell inside her home. She broke several bones in her arm and has been unable to work.

"I don't think there's a person in the world that she wouldn't help," Krystal Thomas said.

Thomas nominated Carter for KAIT's G8 Acts of Kindness campaign, sponsored by First Community Bank.

"She bathes them. She feeds them. She walks and gets them medicine," Thomas told of Carter's constant desire to help the elderly in the community. "She cooks them dinner, does their laundry. In essence, she is their hero."

Carter had no idea what was happening when a Region 8 News car pulled up and several cameras captured her reaction. Tears soon welled up in Carter's eyes when it was announced that she had won $408.

"You just paid next month's house payment," she said. It turns out that just the night before, Carter had prayed for help.

"It's just like you ask for it and He provided," said Carter. "I asked last night and He provided."

Carter pointed and looked skyward.

"I've got to get through November before I can get back to work," she said. "And He provided. Thank you!"

Allen Williams, president of First Community Bank, and Deania Vanhoozer, business development director, accompanied KAIT with an oversized printed check for Carter to keep.

"I went to work at 14 years old," Carter said. "I am 62 now and I have never had to depend on anybody. I am one of the most independent people you will ever meet."

But Carter does not have health insurance and struggled to meet her bills over the last three months.

"This is such a blessing," said Carter. "Such a blessing."

She wiped tears from her cheeks.

"That's what's wrong with the world right now," Carter said. "People do not help each other. They are scared to get involved, but you've got to help other people. Kindness is what makes the world go round."

If you would like to nominate someone, just look for the GR8 Acts of Kindness banner on our website, Click and fill out the form.

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