Consolidation possible between Walnut Ridge and College City

Consolidation possible between Walnut Ridge and College City

LAWRENCE COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - After years of discussion the towns of Walnut Ridge and College City may soon become one town.

Consolidation is a possibility for the two cities.

Walnut Ridge Mayor Charles Snapp said everything recently fell into place.

He said the union now simply makes sense.

A test petition to allow a vote on the consolidation issued by the College City mayor saw several signatures fill its pages in only a few hours.

Snapp said the financial situation of the towns still needs to be discussed before any more action can be taken.

He explained to Region 8 News what this merger would mean for Walnut Ridge, if it were to pass.

"We would get to show a much larger population jump than what we've had before," Snapp said. "They are about 9% of our total population. So that would be a significant jump. It would push us up to a more favorable where businesses would look at us a little bit closer."

After the financial discussions conclude, a petition to hold a special election will be issued.

To see the action on the ballot, 15% of voters from last year's election in each town would be needed on the petitions.

If the merger occurs, current College City residents will receive all services offered to Walnut Ridge residents as well as police protection.

If it makes it to ballot, Snapp said voters could see it as soon as the March primary elections.

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