West End neighborhood rattled by recent burglaries

West End neighborhood rattled by recent burglaries

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A string of burglaries left one Jonesboro neighborhood worried about a stranger in their home, rifling through their things.

The West End Neighborhood Association held a Monday night meeting at the Microsociety school to teach people in the area how to stay safe.

Jonesboro police attended the event to provide tips on what to do if they feel uneasy in the neighborhood.

Mary Ellen Warner, the president of the association, said they already use apps and other online websites to stay in touch with each other.

Even with these items at their disposal, she said people's emotions were still on high alert.

"That's really unsettling to hear something and then to see a shadow in your hallway," Warner said. "So I know that got, you could tell by some of the comments it was really upsetting. Then to know that someone has broken into your home and taken your belongings, there is anger."

Jonesboro police arrested Joshua Newton Friday and believe he is responsible for the 12 burglaries in the area.

Warner said even though police caught Newton, people in the neighborhood are still worried.

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