Community responds to food stolen from humane department

Community responds to food stolen from humane department

KENNETT, MO (KAIT) - The Kennett Humane Department is shocked with the community response after pounds of food were stolen.

Humane department officers realized Saturday that several locks to the shelter's shed were cut and multiple items were gone including food, cleaning supplies and crates.

Five 50-gallon trash cans full of food had been rolled out of the sheds.

Humane officer Tena Petrix said she was coming back from a fundraiser in Campbell for animal medical bills when another officer called her about the theft.

Petrix said they were devastated because that food helps keep the shelter open and animals fed.

For the past five years, the department has not had to ask the city for money for food because of all the generous donations.

The community did not disappoint again because just one day after the theft Petrix received multiple calls with monetary donations and several bags of dog food.

She said generosity like this helps remind her why she does her job each day.

"You got all those lives depending on you and you can't let down all the people that have donated," Petrix said. "There are more of us good people than the bad people that took it."

People can donate by ordering through Walmart and Amazon. They can also drop off donations at the Kennett Police Department or mail in donations.

Police are still investigating the theft.

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