Jonesboro council postpones proposed property maintenance code indefinitely

Jonesboro council postpones proposed property maintenance code indefinitely

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - An issue that's been on the table for months at the Jonesboro city council was postponed indefinitely Tuesday night.

If the ordinance had passed, the 2012 International Property Maintenance Code would have been put into place in the city.

Even though that ordinance will not pass, there is still the chance that a property maintenance code will be put into place in Jonesboro.

The issue first went before the city in May and from the beginning, the possibility of a code drew support and criticism.

In June, the council postponed the decision so a committee, formed by Jonesboro Mayor Harold Perrin, could take a closer look at the IPMC.

Over the course of a few months, that committee amended the IPMC to make it more suitable for Jonesboro. However, they were still split on whether or not to produce a code that would only affect the exterior of properties or also affect the maintenance of the interior of properties in Jonesboro.

In October, that committee voted 6-3 to forward an interior and exterior property maintenance code to the city council.

Even though that amended code won't go before the city council until November 17, opposition to the proposed code showed up in force Tuesday night to make their voices heard.

"We do recognize that the city of Jonesboro does need a property maintenance code," Jason Whitley said. "We do not have any problems with that aspect of it. I think the consensus is that we would like to see it completely to the exterior."
"It does have intentional and unintentional consequences," Charles Willis said.
The council has already stated that they will hold the ordinance to its full three readings.

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