A Better Region 8: New alternative to tornado sirens - Better or worse?

A Better Region 8: New alternative to tornado sirens - Better or worse?

Ryan Vaughan and the Region 8 Storm Team are forecasting some rough weather overnight Thursday. If the weather moving through looks to be tornadic, and the National Weather Service issues a warning, then tornado sirens in the warning areas will be activated.

The sound of a tornado siren is unmistakable.  When I first moved to this part of the country, I had never heard a tornado siren.

Needless to say, the first time I heard one it got my attention. In fact I found it startling because to me, it sounded like a WWII air raid siren. Getting the attention of those outside during a tornado event is the point.

Thursday night on Region 8 News at 10, The Region 8 Storm Team shows us a new movement to go from the traditional tornado siren to one that actually speaks words. Those words tell you more about the warning.

Some parts of the country already use this technology, and others are sticking with the traditional siren.  So which one is better?

Watch Ryan and his team's special report Thursday night to get the full story, then let us know which way you think is best by emailing us at abetterregion8@kait8.com.

During any severe weather situation, warning and awareness are key and tornado sirens still play a crucial part in warning all of us -- even in the digital age.

Knowing what's going on and how the sirens sound during severe weather is something we should all pay attention to and it makes this A Better Region 8.

- Chris Conroy, KAIT VP & General Manager

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