Father and daughter discuss journey through drug addiction

Father and daughter discuss journey through drug addiction

GREENE COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - A father and daughter remember everything that happened to their family over the past five years since the Sitzers learned of their daughter's drug addiction.

Krysti Sitzer became addicted to drugs and alcohol when she was 23.

The addiction became so bad that her family decided to cut her off financially.

"I lied to them," Krysti Sitzer said. "I manipulated them any way that I could. I stole from them, not just physical things. Like I stole their happiness too."

Her father, Tyler Sitzer, said his decision was not an easy one to make.

He knew though that he was enabling his daughter, but did not know what to do.

"It's a helpless feeling," Tyler said. "You feel like you're losing your child. In Krysti's case, I feel like she was within two weeks of dying she was so bad into it. It's just a helpless feeling."

He described his feelings at the time as his heart being ripped out as he watched his daughter fight addiction.

Tyler said he used to be addicted to alcohol and understood what she was going through.

Krysti's actions not only hurt her father, but her three children as well.

Her decisions eventually lead to her losing them.

"I was hateful," Krysti said. "I didn't even want to be around myself and I knew they didn't want to be around me. Maybe they did but I would push them away. I mean, I hurt them, I hurt them bad."

Tyler  said his grandchildren fought depression through Krysti's addiction because they did not know why they could not be around their mother.

Krysti found help through the Agape House and recently graduated from the program.

She now can see her children whenever she wants even though they are living with various family members.

Krysti said she cannot thank her family enough for the support and said she did not deserve it at the time.

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