Girl Scouts team up to fight against bullying

Girl Scouts team up to fight against bullying

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A local girl scouts event reached out to young girls to motivate them to stamp out on bullying.

The Girl Scouts Diamonds of Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas held an anti- bullying event Saturday called, "Friend me, Don't bully me".

April Schneider, the scouts' program specialist, said the goal was to teach the girls how one word can hurt someone deeply.

"We talk about how when you say mean things to other people, you can leave a scar," Schneider said. "So, it's better not to say something mean, it's better to be nice from the beginning."

The event is an outreach designed to make a change when it comes to bullying.

The scouts were also able to interact with scout leaders to learn the importance of accepting themselves.

Schneider said it's important the girls realize their value.

"We want our girls to be able to stand up for themselves and feel better about themselves, to understand that having a good image of yourself and feeling strong about what's right is a good strength to start with," Schneider said.

The girls made paper dolls then wrote "ugly" words on them to demonstrate how words can hurt and scar.

Older scouts re-created magazine covers to express their idea of "beautiful", besides just physical beauty.

"So much of what society says is to have a girl that's airbrushed with perfect hair and makeup," Schneider said. "What the scouts think is the image of girls we should have. Things that are important like being honest, being strong, and friendly."

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