Lepanto robbery leaves area parents worried for children's safety

Lepanto robbery leaves area parents worried for children's safety

LEPANTO, AR (KAIT) - Parents and residents of a Lepanto neighborhood fear for their safety and the safety of their children while police search for three armed robbery suspects.

Many of the people who live in Mill Circle said they don't see something like this often.

Kelsey Mason said her kids are not used to seeing a "bad guy" holding up a store with a gun.

Her children and others in the area play in small grassy areas in Mill Circle.

Mason said that will begin to change.

"They're not going to have the freedom like they had," Kelsey Mason. "Because used to they could play and do anything the wanted to do but they're not going to be able to. You know this is such a kid friendly zone like I said and why would you do that? Why would you do that right there?"

Mark Miles also lives in the area and said he has all his life.

He said in the past couple of years, it has gotten to the point where kids can't play in their own backyards without the fear that something might happen.

One resident said the solution to this problem is to arm those working behind the counter.

"This just goes to show why when an incident like that happens that's why the person who's working at that store needs to have a gun," John Richmond said. "So that whenever that person who robs that place tries to get away, they can shoot that person. When that stuff starts to happen that's when you'll see a lot of that crap die down."

Richmond's neighbors believed the same thing.

They thought the fear of some stores having weapons could deter potential criminals from even committing the crime.

Other suggestions from the community included increasing police patrols at night.

The neighbors of this small part of Lepanto said they do not want to sit by and let people like those responsible for the robbery ruin their town and threaten their children.

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