Another cemetery theft leaves grandmother angry and hurt

Another cemetery theft leaves grandmother angry and hurt

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Tammy McBride buried her second grandchild in late October.

Just a few weeks later, she is reliving the pain.

McBride's daughter visited her son's grave, located in the Nettleton Cemetery on Airport Road, on Saturday and saw a flowered wreath was not there. McBride came out to the cemetery and looked all over for it.

After searching ditches and other areas of the cemetery, McBride called police to report the wreath stolen.

"I was kind of furious, I was hurt and angry. I cannot explain the feelings," McBride said. "All the emotions of having and losing him even though it was just flowers came back all over again. It just brings it all back caving in on you."

According to the police report, the officer advised McBride to contact the cemetery as well to see if they knew where the wreath might have gone.

McBride told Region 8 she has put in a call but is still waiting to hear back.

She knows the family might never see the wreath again, but she wants people to know taking items from a grave can affect those who visit their loved ones.

"We need to respect the graves at the cemeteries," McBride said. "These are places people are supposed to be laid to rest and it is just hurting other people."

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