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Walnut Ridge neighborhood hopes street repair fixes a long time problem


A neighborhood in Walnut Ridge saw road crews Monday patching up a road they say is a headache.

The people who live on or near Robin Lane said a stretch of the road off U.S. Highway 412 has always been filled with potholes.

They said the city has been out to patch the holes before but it never held.

Pamela Snow lives in the area. She said it is difficult for drivers to get out of the neighborhood on that stretch of Robin Lane. 

The only other way out is through an exit next to the city park.

“All along they've just 'band-aided' it when it needed surgery,” Snow said. “I hope [Mayor Charles Snapp] does it right because that's dangerous when you only have 1 entrance or exit to your subdivision. If there's an emergency, you've got to get out and all of us in here could not get out that way if there's an emergency.”

Walnut Ridge Mayor Charles Snapp said the crew used a new cold mix that should outlast the asphalt.

He says they used this special chemical mix on smaller holes throughout the city with great results.

The patch on Robin Lane is the biggest the city has seen; if the road does not sink, Snapp says the patch should hold.

The crew was scheduled to be back out there Tuesday to make sure the patch is ready for drivers.

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