A Better Region 8: Appreciating our veterans

A Better Region 8: Appreciating our veterans

This week, a friend of mine publicly thanked a veteran for their service.  The veteran's reply was... "You are worth it."

His response was one that made me proud to be an American. Veterans Day is a time to honor the sacrifice and service of our brave men and women.

But as we thank our veterans, a disturbing trend is on my mind. Earlier this year, the Los Angeles Times reported on a study showing that veterans are 50% more likely to commit suicide than other civilians.  I find this heart breaking.

So much time and attention goes into recruiting American men and women to serve in our armed forces. But do they receive the same time and attention when they are done serving and return to civilian life?  Judging by the numbers, they do not.

So what can we do? Call your elected officials and ask them to support legislation aimed at providing our service men and women the help they need mentally, spiritually and physically.

If you run a business, consider giving well-deserving veterans well-paying jobs. Thank veterans for their service whenever you can.  And take a moment and remember that our freedoms come from their sacrifice, and that veterans served America because... we're worth it.  Helping and appreciating our veterans will make this A Better Region 8.

- Chris Conroy, KAIT VP & General Manager

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