Police Investigate "Peeping Tom" Incidents At One Region 8 Gym

March 08, 2005 -- Posted at 9:30 p.m. CST

Bald Knob, AR -- Three weeks ago, the mysterious appearance of half dollar size holes in the ceiling of the Git Fit Gym in Bald Knob, prompted the gym's owner to contact the White County Sheriff's Department.

"Where it was at, it was going to be hard to determine who did this," said Sheriff Pat Garrett.

One week ago, authorities went back to look at the holes.

"On the tiles of the ceiling they had patched them with tape, duct tape. One of them had seen a slit in the duct tape," said Garrett.

Police say the slit appeared to have been cut with a knife. The owners patched that hole up, and called authorities again.

"We spent the better part of two hours looking for some other way of getting into the building. There were no signs of a forced entry, and the only way in was through a locked door," said Garrett.

Police then got a list of the city employees with access to that building.

On that list was Marc Easter.

"He gave a statement to my detectives this afternoon that he was responsible for the holes that were cut in the ceiling. He said he did observe nude women while they were tanning," said Garrett.

Marc Easter has not yet been arrested, but authorities say charges are pending.

Police do not believe Easter made any videos, or took any pictures of the women he was watching.