A Better Region 8: Digital Addiction

A Better Region 8: Digital Addiction

You hear it all the time, "these kids stay on their devices all the time."  I have a realization for you – so do the adults.

In fact, we as a society are on our phones, and iPads and electronic devices so much, doctors are now saying it a diagnosable addiction. That's right…like there is diagnosable addiction to drugs, or alcohol, you can now add digital addiction to the list.

On Monday, we're airing a special report that looks into this specific addiction. We even hid in a local restaurant to see how people normally act when they're at lunch. We timed it – some people couldn't go 30 seconds without picking up their phones. Thirty seconds!

Think about it – how many times are you lying in bed on your phone, and your significant other – is doing the same?

We, the media, ask you all the time to go to our app, go to our website, checkout our Facebook page – it seems like it's never ending. But when you break it all down – the solution is simple to say, but hard to enact. Put your phone down for family time. Period. Dinner, breakfast, family game night, in the car – whatever it is, whenever you're with your family, put the phone down, and for the record, this is something I have to work on too!

This report Monday is eye-opening. We have to break the addiction, and get back to face to face conversations. Watch Monday, we'll go into more detail about America's transition to a digital addiction, and give you tips on how to break the hold.

Coming to grips with it, and figuring out ways to keep this from getting in the way of actually talking to each other will make this A Better Region 8!

- Chris Conroy, KAIT VP & General Manager

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