Crosses removed from Craighead County Assessor's office

Crosses removed from Craighead County Assessor's office

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Workers in a Craighead County office have been asked to remove all of the crosses adorning their office walls.

Assessor Hannah Towell said the Freedom from Religion Foundation made the request to her office on behalf of a local resident.

Some in Jonesboro do not agree with what the foundation asked the group to do.

Residents Madison Truelove and Mikaelyn Darr both agreed it was a violation of the office workers' religious rights.

Darr said her opinion on the matter did not only apply to the Christian religion.

"If someone has a certain religious presence that I don't agree with, that shouldn't mean that they shouldn't be able to show it because that's what they believe in," Darr said. "Everyone has their own beliefs and whatever you believe in, you should proudly support it and let everyone know that's what you believe in."

Towell said she could not make any other comment on the request, but they are talking to an attorney on what they can do.

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