Outdoors stores packed prior to opening of modern gun season

Outdoors stores packed prior to opening of modern gun season

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Modern gun season kicks off this weekend across much of the Natural State and that had some area stores packed Friday.

Friday afternoon, DNW Outdoors in Jonesboro was full of hunters getting geared up for the big weekend.

"When you pull up in the parking lot, there's a lot of people here," DNW Archery Technician JT Finley told Region 8 News. "Everybody's checking out, trying to get ready. You see a lot of camo going out, a lot of shells. It's an exciting time of year; everybody's starting to get ready for deer season."

Finley said as far as hunting in Arkansas goes, this is just the beginning.

"First split of duck season is pretty busy for the most part with local people," Finley explained. "Once December hits, everyone is getting off for Christmas break and you see a lot more outside people come and there's people in here from the time we open to the time we close. The store is packed."

Finley said in the fall and winter, Northeast Arkansas is a destination point for hunters.

"With the Memphis Airport being right there it kind of helps us out a lot," Finley said. "This is some of the best duck hunting in the world so people come from all over for it.

Finley said in the past, he has worked with customers from Florida but he knows that others come much further.

"I know there's people that come in from Canada. I think there were some people from North Dakota here last year." Finley said. "That's a long trip to just kill some ducks."

Before you head out in the woods this fall and winter, make sure you check in with the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission to check season dates, bag limits and other restrictions.

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