Region 8 doctor discusses ways to avoid strep throat

Region 8 doctor discusses ways to avoid strep throat

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - With the winter months here, the possibility for diseases like strep throat spreading is on the rise.

Dr. Shane Speights with St. Bernards Medical Center said that as the temperature drops outside, more people spend their time inside.

He said germs then begin to spread easier with so many people indoors.

Even though a person may have a sore throat, that is not a definitive sign of strep throat.

"A lot of times a head cold will cause nasal drainage down the back of the throat, that will make your throat sore," Speights said. "That's not strep throat. Some viruses cause what's called pharyngitis or viral pharyngitis, that's not strep throat. Some bacteria that is not strep cause pharyngitis or a sore throat."

He advised that people should visit a doctor to get tested if they have a sore throat and believe it to be strep.

Speights said the best way to prevent getting strep throat is to simply wash your hands often.

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