Bay mayor explains town's biggest asset during heavy rain

Bay mayor explains town's biggest asset during heavy rain

BAY, AR (KAIT) - With heavy rain in the forecast, towns across Region 8 worked Monday to prepare for possible flooding.

Bay Mayor Darrell Kirby said they have been working for the past few years to make sure homes do not end up underwater.

He said they do have some neighborhoods where the water is unable to run off the road efficiently.

During his time in Bay though, he said he has never seen the water get high enough to flood homes.

Kirby explained their soil is a big help when rain is an issue.

"The sandy ground helps out here in Bay," Kirby said. "I mean we can get 2 inches of rain and most of it soaks in. Bay has got real sandy soil."

The county has helped Bay dig ditches in town in the past.

Kirby said they did not have the equipment to do that at the time.

He did not have any doubt that even with the threat of heavy rain, the people in Bay would not have to worry about wet homes.

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