Jonesboro council committee to consider new 4-way stops in town

Jonesboro council committee to consider new 4-way stops in town

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Traffic patterns will soon change at two intersections in Jonesboro.

The Jonesboro City Council passed an ordinance Tuesday night to place 4-way stop signs at West Oak Avenue and Ferrell Street, and South Culberhouse Street and Lawson Road.

According to accident reports through the Jonesboro Police Department, there have not been any reported wrecks in the last five years at West Oak and Ferrell.

However, JPD states there have been 20 wrecks at South Culberhouse and Lawson in that same time frame.

When a council committee initially discussed the proposed ordinance, Region 8 News spoke with multiple people in the area who felt a 4-way stop would be a good idea.

"The potential danger for all the citizens who move down Lawson Road and then across Culberhouse and even out here into the county, is going to be alleviated as a result," Shawn Brandon told Region 8 News.

Brandon said wrecks happen at that intersection far too often and the prospect of a 4-way stop is exciting.

"It's a dangerous intersection. A lot of traffic moves through as Valley View is in and out of school and I think this will help alleviate a lot of the potential dangers that are there," Brandon said.

Brandon explained that traffic in that area is especially bad during certain times of the day.

"It's even worse at 8 o'clock in the morning as school is about to be in session and people are trying to get their kids to school so it certainly is going to help that problem as well," Brandon said.

The ordinance states that the conditions of traffic at South Culberhouse and Lawson, and West Oak and Ferrell "endanger the traveling public and pedestrians."

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