Neighbors keep close eye on water levels

Neighbors keep close eye on water levels

BLACK ROCK, AR (KAIT) - After a major flood several years ago, residents in Black Rock near Coffee Creek now keep a close eye on water levels.

In 2008, the creek flooded forcing several neighbors to evacuate the area.

Since then the area has experienced some minor flooding when the Black River rises.

Residents in the area told Region 8 News when heavy rains come they will watch the creek to make sure the water does not go over the bridge.

"We will just have to watch the creek. I am up high enough it is not going to bother me but it will my neighbors," Don Truitt said. "They are good people and I don't want to see anything happen to their property."

Some neighbors say the creek is too narrow and congested with debris. They would like the city to widen it if possible to prevent any flooding in the future.

"The community here could use some help getting some flooding help from the government if any way possible," Truitt said.

Many people in the lower parts of the neighborhood have raised their homes to prevent water damage.

One woman told Region 8 News she parks her car up the road when heavy rains come as a precaution.

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