Flooding forces evacuations in Sharp County

Flooding forces evacuations in Sharp County

SHARP COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - The heavy storms Tuesday night brought a lot of rain to Region 8.

Some of the worst areas were in Sharp and Lawrence County.

The Spring River rose to about 13 feet Tuesday, according to the National Weather Service.

Cherokee Village saw the impact of some of that flooding. Many bridges in the town were still closed Wednesday evening.

Not only are the bridges covered in water, some also have a lot of debris piling onto them, making the area impassable.

There are signs leading to those bridges warning drivers to "don't drown, turn around."

One bridge that runs through the middle of the town has opened back up.

The owner of Sinclair, which is right by that bridge, said he is glad this flooding was not as bad as it had been in the past.

He was able to stay open for business Wednesday.

"Not too bad this year," he said. "Our lakes were down a lot, so that absorbed a lot of the water."

The town did not see any major accident due to the flooding.

One campsite in Hardy had to evacuate because of the flooding.

People in River Bend Park said they were waist deep in water Tuesday night as the heavy rains came down.

The area has now been cleared until the water is gone.

The Sharp County Sheriff's Department and Hardy Fire Department assisted with the evacuation.

The fire department had to bring in one of their trucks to get people out of the flood waters.

Several of the campers that were parked in the lower area of the site have water damage to them.

Park President Kelly Newcom said it was the worst flooding he has seen since he took over.

He said the clean up will take a while.

"We are right at the end of the season right now, so we've got three months here to roll our sleeves up and get the place cleaned up and everything to see everybody in the spring," Newcom said.

One person with a camper parked at the site told Region 8 News he will be more cautious next time heavy rains are forecasted.

The park was empty Wednesday except for a few people checking on their property.

That was not the only campsite that got flooding damage, though.

Rone Valley near Ravenden also had high flood waters.

The campsite is at the Sharp and Lawrence County line.

The water came from Brown's Creek, which was flooded by the Spring River.

Dean Lawrence, co-owner of the park, the area didn't evacuate Tuesday night, but all campers were moved to higher ground to prevent damage.

"Every time the rive fills up this creek backs up and starts flooding the whole area," Lawrence said. "And when you have campers here your main concern is to get them out so they don't lose anything."

Pavilions, bathrooms and a few cabins were under water at the site.

Residents told Region 8 News they hope the water goes down over the next few days.

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