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What's hiding in your makeup bag: How to avoid germs and maintain your collection


Whether you buy inexpensive or costlier makeup tools, how you maintain them could make a difference on your skin and their condition.

Michelle George, the Clinique business manager at Dillard’s sheds some light on the proper hygiene practices for makeup brushes.

She suggests using a gentle spray cleanser every day and a brush shampoo once a week for a deeper clean.

For the daily brush cleaner, George suggests spraying the brush and wiping it back and forth on a napkin until there is no longer any makeup on the napkin.

“With your eye brushes, it’s very important to clean every day because you don’t want an eye infection from it,” George said. “To deep clean, you’ll need a bowl of water and preferably baby shampoo, dip your brush into the bowl and you’re going to rub it back and forth or run it under water until the water is clear.

When drying the brushes, George recommends laying them flat so the water won’t absorb down into the bristles, which she said could cause them to start falling out.

“Do that overnight just to give them several hours to dry,” George said. “Don’t use them until they are completely dry."

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