GCT teacher puts on Hunger Games style competition to encourage reading, writing

GCT teacher puts on Hunger Games style competition to encourage reading, writing

PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT) - A reaping a la "The Hunger Games" took place at Greene County Tech Junior High Friday morning.

Tributes chosen from each of the districts will now duke it out. It's not a fight to the death, but the winner will still get some pretty cool prizes.

The goal is to write the best short story on a dystopian society.

Sydney Brewer was chosen as a tribute. Her name was put into the reaping 18 times.

"You have to say how many family members you live with and then you had to add yourself for another tesserae," Brewer explained.

In "The Hunger Games," tesseraes increase a child's chance of entering The Hunger Games. However, they also increase the amount of food a family gets each month.

"Other girls in my class had like 60, but my name got drawn out," Brewer said. "I was really shocked. I didn't think I was going to get picked."

"The funny thing was, I couldn't do the drawing fast enough," John Baldwin said.

Baldwin teaches the 9th grade English class and came up with the idea to encourage reading and writing.

"I'm lucky that I have a principal that will allow me to do crazy things like this," Baldwin said.

Breanna Joiner was also chosen as a tribute. She said the idea behind it all is a good one.

"Whoever writes the best story gets a pizza party and a lot of other cool prizes," Joiner said. "Mr. Baldwin is great. He really gets us into everything."

Baldwin said when writing the stories, the tributes will be able to get help from their classmates.

The stories will then be judged by several teachers.

The winner will receive a $25 gift card donated by WalMart, "The Hunger Games" Trilogy donated by Barnes & Noble, two movie tickets donated by Paragould Cinema 8 and a pizza party courtesy of GCT Junior High Principal Mike Todd.

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